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SMART Microsystems’ William Boyce Discusses “Destructive Wire Bond Pull Testing and Its Purpose” in the Summer Issue of the MEPTEC Report

In the previous article, destructive wire bond shear testing was discussed. In this article we will discuss the practice and purpose of the destructive wire bond pull test. The reason that we chose to discuss wire bond pull testing after examining shear testing is that, in concurrence with the development process of a wire bond, we perform pull testing only after shear testing has been performed. The destructive pull test is explicitly what it sounds like. A wire bond loop is pulled until it fails in one of three ways: bond lift, heel break, or mid-span break. The pull test measures the force required to break the wire from tensile force, and the remnants of the wire bond are used to determine the failure mode. Typically used to develop the wire bond process, destructive pull testing is also used as a statistical process control in production bonding.

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