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SMART Microsystems’ William Boyce Discusses “Destructive Wire Bond Shear Testing and Its Purpose” in the Summer Issue of the MEPTEC Report

The process of wire bonding a wire to a substrate is simply the joining of two metals through force and vibration. The best way to determine the strength and integrity of that weld, is by shearing the weld with a blade to evaluate not only the force required to shear the joint (shear strength), but also to determine the total amount of the intended weld area that is actually welded (nugget size) as a percent of the intended weld area. The wire bond shear test is not a replacement or substitute for the pull testing, but rather a completely different test, with a different purpose and intent, typically used to develop the wire bond process. Shear testing is the often the forgotten or unknown method of testing wire bonds. Perhaps because it has been conspicuously missing from mil STD883 it has gone largely unknown as a testing tool in the new product development process design cycle.

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